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Marker Discs Cones For Sports


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60PCS Agility Soccer Cones Marker Discs Agility Cones For Sports, Drills, Football, Basketball, Slalom, Training, Exercise…

Material: PE
Derivative Series: Soccer Discs
Color: Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange
Size: 19cm x 5cm/7.41” x 1.95” (approx)
Hole diameter: 1.5 (approx)
Quantity: 60pcs

1.Set of 60 Agility Soccer Disc Cones.  Can improve your soccer dribbling skills, you can control the ball when sprinting, practice makes perfect with dribbling with those cones training.
2.High Quality Disc Cones, cone disc markers are clearly can mark anything on the court, gym, track, field, sidelines or any open area you can train,
3.Flexible soft plastic cones. Our agility cones are ideal for parents, coaches, kids, women, athletes, soccer players, personal trainers, sports trainers and more.

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