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Top 10: Clyde Drexler Dunks
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Top 10: Clyde Drexler Dunks

Take a look at the Top 10 Dunks from the Career of Clyde “The Glide” Drexler.


  • Santino -

    Jordan type style.

  • Paulo Roberto Araujo

    The last dunk is amazing, dunk forever!

  • Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Clyde was probably the most beautiful, elegant dunker of all time.

  • Kel D

    "a facial served up by clyde drexler"

  • Justin Peterson

    NBA announcers used to never get excited. Seriously they way that they commentated was so boring…

  • Cory Fields

    Still remember when the Blazers drafted Clyde from Phi Slamma Jamma. My favorite player ever. Thanks for the memories.

  • Parody

    I prefer these old graceful dunks to the jiggaboo dunks of today.

  • Tori Williams

    my boy did that jordan at the end

  • VCthaGOATdunker

    The last one is my favorite of Clyde, gotta love how he extends his arm in the air before he takes off. Classic dunk, one of the great ones. Also, doing windmills in games back then is very impressive too.

  • Daniel Button

    Does anybody know who the commentator was the number 7? Sounds like Kevin Harlan but can't be due to the time.

  • Frank Lotion

    Fav player of all time

  • Cosmic Pulse

    I've always said it – #1 is a thing of beauty. Clyde the Glyde. That dunks is number 1 or 2 all -time on most lists.

  • HikoSeijuroXIII

    Number one is why they called him The Glide.

  • Marcos Ortega

    fly much?

  • Eddy Shluger

    The last dunk was sensational

  • chi bill

    MJ of the west

  • Norvell D Burnett


  • Sonic_Navelino

    drexler can fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kingjericho Estigoy

    ice din

  • teddyxxix

    pass to drexler he's open he's AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Blake Martin

    He actually could glide.

  • Nikos Kogkolidis

    nba 2k16 brought me here

  • Lukasz Jaskulski

    In his time he was only short to Joedan

  • Jue80

    the last dunk, WTF, nearly free-throw line… What a hangtime…

  • Kobe Bryant


  • Sal Amander

    That last dunk is about as much hangtime as you'll ever see in an actual NBA game.

  • AyyWussUppTv

    This guy is not even top 10 on dunking (Underrated)

  • DnBGenie

    the final play has to be my favourite dunk ever!

  • Kathia Desse

    best beyblade ever

  • M Alexander

    Dunk # 2 Poor Bill Cartwright never had a chance. I know he was thinking "I hope they don't pass to Clyde" lol

  • Rodney Brimer

    Clyde was a amazing athlete and the glide nickname suited him to a T. Best of the best.

  • Falcone SSI83


  • Baptiste Zuubrow

    Du monde qui vient par rapport à Cod Jordan ? :')

  • Damien V

    Codjordan parle si bien de mon joueur préféré !!

  • ayo_gsc

    On that last dunk I thought, wtf that's just a normal dunk.but then I saw it from a different angle in slow mo, and realized he nearly jumped from the free throw line too, and I literally said out loud "holy shit"

  • Kamil Pirelli

    He literally flew in the final dunk

  • Jayson Hebreza

    dunks look better if you wear short shorts. hehe

  • Carlos Soliven

    Damn.Historic Drexler is good af

  • The Chosen Traveler

    when you see clyde coming..GET OUT DA WAY

  • mike jack 16

    wow only wow

  • Ry_C White

    So that's why they call him Clyde The Glide ??

  • Nick C

    Of course, he shows nothing but class while doing it. Celebrates on a few occasions, but never taunts his opponent nor mocks them. Too bad there's so little of Clyde in today's game.

  • Air Em Out

    Clyde doesn't get any love on a lot of these best of videos. He was posterizing before posterizing was a word. Clyde was the shit.

  • I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page.

    Magic was better then Jordan

  • 박준호

    One of the most underrated players ever. Imo what he could do offensively was the original Lebron James pre-2012. Sooo it shows how great he is

  • 725Roman

    Dude was a GUARD!

  • NickRuizCreations

    Drexler is my favorite of all time, behind him is Larry Bird, then in 3rd comes D.Rose

  • raw express

    I was like, was that really #1? And then slow mo came in lol

  • q8indy

    Clyde is one of my favorite players

  • MikeKrysta1

    That last dunk was just beautiful………..

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