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TIGHT Handles | 13 Daily NBA Dribbling Drills | Nick Edson
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TIGHT Handles | 13 Daily NBA Dribbling Drills | Nick Edson







  • BenTheB055

    Anyone else laugh watching this?

  • Jay York

    i see a lot of carrying and pounding in this video

  • Pop Dude

    the drills he did.I do thoes in my sleep

  • Uday Saini

    ball slips out of my hand during behind the back. cant keep handles this tight.

  • Joel Harris

    Nick, I can't thank you enough for spending the effort to put up these videos. They've helped me considerably in returning some lost form from my 25 year hiatus from B-ball. Over 40 league, here I come. Cheers.

  • kidus mulugeta

    Also do this with a plastic bag wrapped around the ball ?

  • KingBoy Nas

    Your back must hurt…

  • ugochukwu ezidiegwu

    bad posture

  • AJ Jones

    I have the worst handles on my basketball team, but the best accuracy from a distance. This gives me trouble because I can make almost any shot, but during the game I cannot get myself open to take the shot. I was just wondering how many days it would take of doing this for me to start noticing some improvement. I have a game every Saturday, so I would love to find a daily workout to quickly improve my dribbling. If this one doesn't work fast enough for my needs, do you have a recommendations of workouts for me to do? Thanks in advance!

  • Markespeci Charena

    good drills for ball handling

  • Curry The Goat Of Mankind Last Nba Legend

    woah! awesome advice im in the nba now thanks to this!

  • Shivraj Mulik

    What are you wearing on legs?What's it called?I've seen it in NBA.Why is it used?

  • Andrea Ferrari


  • Lee Jon

    is this helpful?

  • Leandre KOFFI

    Thanks you, i was searching for something like that. Let's try this for a couple of month to see… thanks Nick!

  • ighsight

    I've used most of these but topped out around 8 drills. Thanks for the additions to the catalog.

  • franklin alvarado

    Good work men! thanks for help

  • Junior Schaaf

    how do I do these dribbles without getting a sore back? any specific stretches or tips?

  • Sean T.

    Is it OK of I have trouble with drills like the spider as long as I keep at it?

  • MightyJ.E1999

    I'm thinking about doing this everyday in sets of 3-4 to have maximum confidence and training in my handle. Would doing these drills with the plastic bag over the ball be beneficial? And also, how long would it take to see results? How would I know it's working? What does this work on

  • Hisham Sayed

    Thanks Nick. still trying to dribble side to side 🙂

  • Legendary Loser

    Saw this video two years ago. Now I'm going to do it religiously. Ugh. Hopefully I can walk on.

  • Rj Coleman

    Thanks for the video , I know it'll help for sure

  • Nick, add footwork, moving and game specific drills

  • .nfrius

    What happens if I do this everyday?

  • iqbal nashrullah


  • tung vu

    Thank you Nick 😀

  • Jack Qiao

    You are pretty dank… Thanks for the vid-very helpful

  • Kiondre Glinton

    can u do some of them sitting?

  • grill beer

    thanks for good drills

  • Ball is life

    can we do this with a small ball like size 9 or 8?

  • Yobloewlklsdj

    Thanks for the video Bruh been playing basketball for under a year now and I couldn't even dribble six months ago but now I can do all the basic moves ok but this will improve my handles a lot and give me some new and more intense drills to do appreciate it man!

  • Mq Rosete

    Uhm, Coach… I have a problem every time I do the behind the back because it hits my butt. Any tips?

  • youssef mouhamed

    That is good drill

  • is it ok if I do my own combo ?

  • Eagles fan since 2006.

    My handle is improving.

  • Philip Johnston


  • Collin Josef

    how hard do you dribble the ball tho

  • Troll Allday

    No handles u trash bitch I'm way better than u ??? garbage

  • the in and out drill…SO CRUCIAL!!!

  • Robert Simpkins

    Practicing these drills while walking forward and backwards helps out a lot too. Good video.

  • Slim Beezus

    Hey Nick, Im a 6'0 SG/SF and I'm trying to get my handles a little quicker so I can transform myself into more of a PG for my upcoming sophomore season. I know these drills will make my handles better, but what can I do to be quicker while dribbling?

  • Young Kob

    bro your dribbles are too stiff. Move your upper body more with your dribbles, otherwise defenders won't bite

  • summy bari

    if i do this everyday will i get better at dribbling when a defenders guarding me

  • joshua binas

    your so amizing

  • joshua binas

    ang galing nya

  • Mauro Cruz
  • Mauro Cruz

    Your left hand is not so strong as the right one is (that's is my case too). But amazing handles, specially the final ones.

  • Je'Well Chambers

    How long is this if you add all the drills up?

  • NickEdson

    +Luis Marquetti Yes — it will help you

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