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Stephen Curry 31 Points Full Highlights | Clippers vs Warriors | November 4 , 2015 | NBA Season
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Stephen Curry 31 Points Full Highlights | Clippers vs Warriors | November 4 , 2015 | NBA Season

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  • John Smith

    I really hate when people say curry has so much talent around him and help like I was never a gs fan but now I watch all their games cause they're the hottest team in the nba it is literally pathetic when curry and thompson are both off it is disgusting this warriors team is shit without curry and thompson like I hate my life when I watch gs without curry and thompson they're are a bunch of nobodies some three shooters (Harrison barnes ) Andre iguadala is an OK scorer and stay mind green is OK but that's it and thompson is an OK scorer but seriosuly no body talks about cavs having the second most stalked team in the nba they have James Jones a three shooter jr Smith a three shooter iman shumpert a three shooter Tristan thompson AN AMAZING OFFENSIVE REBOUNDER timofy mosgov a fuckin monster kyrie Irving an amazing handle clutch shooter and good shooter overall (won three point contest before) Kevin love an elite scorer and three point shooter u have no other elite scorer on gs warriors what I mean by elite is can put up 45+ points if u give them the ball the first most stacked team is clippers but they have no chemistry so what I'm saying is gs is nothing without curry I'm sorry

  • Dexter The Fan

    How are Deandre's ankles doing lol

  • Xi Hong

    The 3 points line need to be moved back another 1 meter bcuz of Curry

  • PeeGee BeeDee

    Stephen Curry Has A Unique Game. It Combines The Consistent Set-Shooting Of A White Boy With The Arm Length And Handles Of A Good Black Guard. Have You Noticed That? He's Not Terribly Athletic. He Doesn't Have Big Hops Or Hang Time Or Explosive Quickness Or An Exceptional Ability To Get To The Basket. He Just Handles The Ball Well And Can Shoot Consistently From Long Range. No Other Player In The NBA Or College Plays Or Played Similarly To Him, Except For Ray McCallum To Some Extent. (At Times I'll Watch Stephen Curry And Think To Myself, "I Can Guard Him. He Doesn't Have Lateral Explosiveness Or Russell Westbrook Like North And South Speed." But That's How Deceptive His Game Is. He's Deceptively Quick And Lulls You Into Believing That He Can Be Guarded.)

  • kelvin sanchez

    I am not a basketball player but how was Deandre Jordan's defense in 1:52 good , but I guess he is a big man tough to guard Chef Curry on those situations!

  • Nate God

    lol wtf was blake doing @ 1:22

  • ll NATE DOGG ll

    He is a god !!

  • Toph Beifong

    What did the Clippers do after they won their last NBA championship? 
    They turned off the Xbox and went to bed!

  • chow kah wei

    the crowd is so awesome

  • Zachary Weakley

    I respect Curry due to his shooting ability and handles that create his shots but he gets away with lots of illeagl screens as well

  • zyra ezra

    what the fuck!!! the best point guard ever in the planet…. no one's better than curry's shooting skill…..shit!!! he's so good!!!

  • Augustine Kar

    Why did he switch shoes for the fourth quarter???? He was wearing the floor general curry two colorway until then..

  • chris judilla

    This guy is unbelievable. I've watched this league for 26 years, this man is by far, the best marksman of all time.

  • Kevin Brown

    The Cavs look more impressive and their second best player & best defender hasn't played a single game

  • JC Terrobias

    steph curry used the word "we" thats what basketball is teamwork!!!

  • Dave Wight

    Curry MVPeeing all over another opponent

  • Nolan Asucro Jr.

    The golden boys! eeyyy yooooo

  • Causatum

    and curry had foul trouble in the 1st quarter…he sat down around 9:20 left in the clock and didnt return …if he played the full 1st…he prolly got another 40 point game…

  • CurryGOAT MVP

    did anyone else notice that curry changed shoes from the red to the white ones?

  • Frost Bite

    Ezeli really stepped up for Bogut. They beat the Clippers without Bogut and a coach.

  • gunnyo50

    This boy steph curry is becoming an real problem. Two teams evenly matched but then you have this freak of nature taking the game away from you with his brilliance. He needs to be neutralize A.S.A.P.

  • Warriors got lucky they didnt have to deal with an injur– oh wait….

  • gideon cabalfin

    hehe… so other players got a plan now to injure SC before they reach playoffs…

  • Wayne Moss

    Meanwhile in Cleveland, LeBron rips his sleeves in a child-like temper tantrum.

  • Ben Beacham

    that confidence in the post-game interview though…

  • Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2

    Best player in the world right now…

  • Breeze

    but westbrook ball hogs, doesnt pass, has bad shot selection, etc but yall on nuts when ole boy do it

  • Henry Dorval

    curry stays on NBA 2K Mode ???

  • Mark Delfin Vicente

    best player of all time!

  • 冬生

    Stephen alien

  • Mwaka

    doc rivers you got beat by an assistant

  • KevGonzales

    2:02 Look at Chris Paul bumped Harrison Barnes on purpose lol he mad.

  • japs_aiken Belangigue

    idol steph curry,,,

  • Khalid Dacula

    sickest three in the NBA history. Damn! it raining of three! he's unstoppable..!

  • mrbohall

    Stephen Curry has to be the best sharp shooter in NBA history.

  • Grammatical Erorr

    I still think Doc Rivers is overrated and ofcourse his son Austin.

  • Ron Davis

    Best Player on the planet!!!!….

  • Erol Del Rosario

    Classic Clippers, choking again.

  • Justin Sanders


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