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Skip and Shannon react to Walt Frazier’s comments about Kevin Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon react to Walt Frazier’s comments about Kevin Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED


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  • StoneKold10x

    To me it will always be tainted no matter how many titles they win. The dynasty teams were built mainly through the draft

  • sorry but there's no convincing me that KD's move wasn't weak. Also the 2nd or 3rd best player in the world joining a team and then leading the team really should not be a surprise, it's common sense. If Lebron joined the Warriors and got the finals mvp, would we be giving him credit? That point of view is such nonsense. Weakest move by a superstar in the history of sports.

  • John H

    Clyde trippin he dont want kev in ny he know he will give us a chip and we can stop talking about that old chip the clyde era will finaly win he a hater

  • Isaac Barrow

    Skip kinda looks like Trump

  • TieOnRadish

    They keep bringing up Miami's record from previous year as to say what he did isn't that bad but forgets to mention he's not the only one that joined the team. If Lebron was the only one that joined Wade in Miami, he wouldn't have gotten as much hate, but they also got 24-11 superstar in Bosh at the same time.

  • Smurfeo

    If you didn't like OKC then go somewhere else, but not a team that is stacked already. How can we as fans determine how good you really are, if you are on a team that has great shooters, playmakers, rebounders etc. You go to another team so we can see your excellence excel by taking that stacked team down with your great shooting, playmaking, defense, rebounding etc….i didn't expect KD to go lead a team, but to be a great player standing out in a team that knocks out GSW (you can't see it being on GSW).

  • I Had A Bad Day

    Who cares…the league is rife with gangbangers…nobody that matters watches, anymore!!!

  • The Galactic Nugget

    They are making Steph seem worse than he actually is. When they blew the 3-1 lead that was not the same 73-9 team. They needed to have their two best defenders but one was ejected and the other had fractured ribs. People forgot how great Steph really is.

  • A Man


  • Isaac Frederick

    KD is on a team where he has a iso situation half of the time and mind you that golden state love to set pick to force switches. Golden state has Curry and Klay, two of the best shooter in the league that can’t be left open.
    Explain to me how KD decision hasn’t tainted his career when he is basically having an iso situation against big man and other player.

  • Riqq Turner

    Damn they was 79-3 😂😂

  • dvon1097

    KD still a soft punk. Weakest move ever still. Clyde Frazier keepin it real

  • Sean Dempsey

    KD def ruined any legacy..he is pathetic for signing with GS

  • Max Zakk

    Durant is the best player on that team? Home boy do you even watch basketball?

  • Max Zakk

    Durant so lazy he’s still not even in shape to be in the NBA. No wonder he took the easiest path to a ring.

  • Terry Lewis

    The reason the NBA can't function is bcz every year they are trying to find another Michael Jeffery Jordan. Let these players be themselves its their time not the so called Legends. Frazier forgot who his teammates were I guess.

  • Terry Lewis

    Listen when a team comes to your vacation spot to pitch to you joining them with the coach,Gm and 2x MVP wtf are you suppose to do. Kd great move bcz with you with OKC Russ would've never broke that record but your selfish they say….lmao. Okc let Harden walk Ibaka go Jeff Green and 3 others but blame KD lmfao

  • Terry Lewis

    Its the Deion Sanders rule….pay me I will help you win PERIOD. YOU MFS ARE SIMPLE MINDED.

  • ZeroGTomohawker

    Okc trash…. It made sense KD left…. He's is far better player than Westbrook, yet Westbrook was always option #1… It's stupid, he didn't like then so he left, ez

  • Dada Filip


  • Rod Gaines

    KD jumped into the passenger seat of the fastest car on the track…This, after losing to that same car in the race before.  Simply put, GSW didn't land on KD!  KD landed on GSW!!

  • Chester Wilson Jr.

    I'm with Walt Frazier on this one!

  • Vintage27

    Shannon is a tad bit disrespectful "old timers"

  • TheSonOfTheSun

    These young players are making money…bottom line. KD should join the Lakers 😂😂😂.

  • calvin taylor

    I wouldn't say Fraser is being a hater, because at the end of the day KD really did not need to go to that team.

  • Ronnie Branford

    LeBron: "I'm not a scorer" – but it's the only statistical category he's ever led the league in, once back in 2008, other than minutes played three times

    LeBron: "I've never played for a superteam" – teamed up with two of the other top five picks from his own draft class, one of which was a prior finals mvp, and the league's second best volume to percentage three point shooter in NBA history, on an organisation run by hall of fame coach and acting manager of basketball operations Pat Riley. Has always had at least two team mates averaging 22ppg or more when winning a championship whether it was for Miami or Cleveland. Created the free agency super team era in the process.

    LeBron: "…not 5, not 6, not 7…" – abandons the Heat organisation after losing as the favorite to a team with a worse regular season record and being outscored in the finals by the opposition's 6th man who averaged 11 less minutes per game for the series, and after losing a finals series by a world record 75 point defecit where each game was lost by an average of 14 points. Fulfils one quarter of his promise to South Beach.

    LeBron: "I don't even know how to flop" – LeBronning becomes a world wide phenomenon thanks to countless hours of video compilations of him doing just that; flopping.

    LeBron: "I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to retire in Cleveland" – up and leaves for the Los Angeles Lakers the first time free agency presents itself

    LeBron: "This league has never seen a player like me" – the first unanimous MVP came in the prime of his career, the first player in 40 years to average a triple double came in the prime of his career also. Wade, Cassell, Curry are a few players to match him in championsips while Ginobili, Duncan, Kobe and Parker surpassed him, all in the same era. Larry Bird 24.3ppg 0.8 blocks 1.7 steals 6.3 assists 10.0 rebounds 49.6% Fg 88.6% FT and 37.6% 3pt for his career. LeBron for his career 27.2ppg 0.8 blocks 1.6 steals 7.2 assists 7.4 rebounds 50.4% FG 73.9% FT and 34.4% 3pt

    LeBron: "I've always been clutch" – since 2006, LeBron has shot 8-for-51 on game winning and go ahead goals with under 10 seconds remaining in regulation and overtime. That's a mere 15.6% on game deciding shots in his entire career

    Please add your favorite LeBron quotes in the comments section!

  • Mr Slash Man


  • Chrysostomos Papademetriou

    I just love how Skip talks about Lebron and then giving all those excuses for Durant 😂😂😂 .. he could easily say the same kind of things about Lebron's decisions

  • DuhBeers Z

    KD went to the best team of all time and immediately became the best player on the team. Think about that

  • dylan yates

    Mavs baby

  • dylan yates

    Skip and Shannon had a good day today

  • Lee Roy Jones

    Damn al roker beefed up

  • bob dyllan

    Man they were up 3-1 against warriors k.d took his foot off the pedal if OKC would of won he would of felt obligated to stay

  • Dee Cee

    No matter what just keep this show going✊😁🎥

  • N. Willy48

    To be fair, the Miami Heat were never a superteam, the big three were just that, three legitimate players with almost no depth, they were never the deepest team in the league either, they just had good chemistry

  • Willis Andrews

    Would people be mad if he went to cleveland instead of the warriors?

  • Tobin Frost

    He made a chump move. He joined the team he couldve beat. Confidence check

  • xXMrJacksonXx

    "He could never win with Westbrook"

    HE WAS UP 3-1 ON GS BEFORE CHOKING GAMES 5-7 AWAY. Had he beaten GS and then lost in the finals, then that's a different story.

  • American Bully

    KD mvp 🏆

  • Fermín Canas

    Kevin Durant*


  • Fermín Canas

    How do I get snake emojis on this?

  • Aladen Moton

    he tanked 3-1 series left them 4 a team that you should want 2 beat.

  • YoungRalph

    *Kevin Durant
    – Took the easy way to be a “Champion”

  • gasnel banks

    i read some of the comments and there were just attacking lebron which is wrong, and warriors dont need kd

  • Red TowersEntertainment

    I can totally love and respect ESPN talking sports. Stay away from politics 100%! When you talk politics it does not stick #losing. Please stop.

  • SeanNotShawn83

    Shannon's got this Durant thing right.

  • Rashidi Nicholls

    Not just old Timers Shannon!!

  • Bosh B

    KD is the best player in the game today. Leaving OKC to join GS was the weakest sports move ever. Doesn't change the fact that he is the best player in the league. But it's weak stuff like that keeping him out of the GOAT conversation.

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is Kevin Durant's legacy tainted?

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