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Skip and Shannon on reports Butler wants trade to Clippers, not LeBron’s Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon on reports Butler wants trade to Clippers, not LeBron’s Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  • Jonah Scarlett

    Butler to Lakers would be smart. also Boston and Spurs

  • Tyrese Wallace

    Kawhi really overrated asf wats da point of gettin kawhi or kd inna couple years ingram n kuzma gon be beast asf. Kyrie left cuz he wanted his own team n look at him now tryna leave da Celtics so u can’t say it was lebron fault he left if dats da case Tatum n Brown da reason he wanna leave now

  • Jose Mote

    Lol stay on topic I want to hear about jimmy butler not past nba finals

  • Steven .Phu

    Lebron fans are funny lol.

    We gonna get kwahi we gonna get butler

    We dont want butler or kwahi we'll get KD or AD.

    Lies, they were mad hyping getting butler or kwahi and would trade for them in a heartbeat.

  • Game_7ven

    this ish is just getting annoying… Damn

  • DigiGod : Digimon Gamer

    skip has the weakest arguments against Bron this why i will never consider MJ the goat

  • John Napolitana

    It's all situational LeBron had to be ball dominate when outmatched by warriors

  • John Napolitana

    Jimmy Butler is way overrated you can look good hitting a shot but Butlers not a leader he's a piece of a team not max contract

  • Tony Rojas

    No one wants to play with LeBron because he has no issues taking all the credit. All the headlines keep saying LeBron LeBron even though Kyrie won the championship for the Cavs. That would get tiring. The East is so terrible LeBron can lead any team to victory there. Now with the Lakers he does have rising stars in Kuzma and Ingram, but let’s see how much longer James has before retirement or if they get tired of him and his drama.

  • Christian Letellier

    Why tf would AD and KD go to the lakers? They're #1 options, with championship mentality (even though AD isn't a champ yet). Lebron is a me me me type of guy like Westbrook.

  • Brian Kubi

    😂 "unclucth sports " " ill give u klucth sports wit a k"

  • Yasha

    this is about the Butler trade and they still want to make this all about LBJ?
    Jimmy or any other stars out there go whenever they want to go, right?

  • Ronald Grant Jr

    It always goes back to “who hit the shot”

  • Ron Rodgers

    Shannon da 🐐

  • erwinmixing

    The Lakers already have Bron and very much a young guys who's an all-star potential. Why would you need another guy instead of developing the young guys ? Having a bunch of all-star veteran doesn't mean it could work out well. Unless it's golden state.

  • verdes25

    No real Star player wants to play with Lebron… he throws his teammates under the bus and trades them all the time. Why would anyone wanna play with the most (Lebron) overrated hyped up player in sports history? No thanks

  • Joaquin Ames

    Watching all this lakers media hype unfold and not happen and these analysts being proved wrong is hilarious

  • Joaquin Ames

    Lebron fans logic: the rest of the league too scared to win Lebron the only one who is trying

  • Joaquin Ames

    AD doesn’t want to be traded and is locked in till 2021. End of discussion ✌️

  • Tobi HarrisShowb

    Shannon in denial that people wanna play on Clip City Chip City

  • Brian Burton

    You say something about Lebron Shannon going in

  • Shawn John

    Playing with Lebron is so hard it gave Kevin love depression and Ty Lue had to go on leave……obviously somethings wrong there

  • Duke Harvard

    Lol skip they pulled him out the body bag 😂

  • Dac Mcc

    Wow. So Shannon is a Laker fan now? SMH….

  • T.E. V.

    Skip is so delusional. I speak for all Lakers fans when I say we don't give a damn about Jimmy.


    Skip getting destroyed in a Lebron debate like usual

  • eovfred

    Jimmy is top a 10 player

  • Derek Croom

    The jimmy Clippers rumor really bothers me? Gs, Hou, Utah, OKC, Denver, SanAntiono, Portland, Pelicans, Lakers, Mavs & clippers? The west is going 2 beat up on the east. I would not be surprise if all thoses teams r above .500 vs the east? The way the stars r aligned is Hou, GS, Boston, if okc can get A.D. If that's the order than he will want out.

  • Derek Croom

    Leonard has not played yet. I can c klay in purple & gold or staying. If the pelucans hav a big decision 2 make. I personally would not just let his contract expire. People forgetting about Kemba. They doing kemba wrong in Charlotte. The K.D. 1 is very iffy on my part, but we all know he ain't loyal so he still a wildcard. I don't believe Kyrie will come there although they really don't need him.

  • KD or Anthony Davis next summer signing with LA Lakers ? Pipe dreams !

  • GG GG

    Lakers: hi free agent we would like u to play for our organization we know you are top class, you are the missing peace for what we are trying to build here.

    Free Agent: Thank you am honor to be wanted by a class organization but I rather play somewhere else

    Lakers: He is not that good anyways, and there are better options.

    is laughable how bitter the Lakers, the media and fanbase gets when a players does not want to play for them……lol

  • danny sanders

    skip would take both of the D's

  • darrell cook

    Exactly Preach Shay!!!!!

  • DLOtv

    skip irritating

  • watchBlacktion

    Skip's a career troll 😂

  • pogi pogi

    hey skip mark this word,lebron will be the nba mvp and scoring leader this season,he aint going for more assist now he will be an scorer this season,,

  • Ashok Hegde

    This show isn't even a debate show any more. It's turned to pathetic non-conversations where they're talking t through each other, to hit the buzz words. Skip is the problem – he's purposely senile, as it may drive ratings. The better show would be Skip and Max.

  • Frederick0220

    Shannon is severely underrating Jimmy Butler.

  • Shook Knight

    Why would kd go to the lakers if they win the 3peat? These people discuss things that doesn’t make sense.

  • Adam Neil

    LeShannon Sharpe in NBA mode

  • ChrisSoCalm Gaming

    I wanna punch skip in the mouth

  • Derian McCrea

    WHAT?!?! he's unsure about ANTHONY DAVIS?!?!?!? does he know who he talking about!?? woooooooooooooow he's unsure about Anthony Davis… lol this dude skippy trolling hard.

  • KB 65

    Neither KD or AD is going to the Lakers

  • Sorin Vasile Bogdan

    Kawhi might just stay in Toronto, Pelicans ain't trading AD, KD is not leaving GSW… these 2 are trippin badly

  • ants in my eyes johnson

    Last time I checked Curry hasnt ring hopped yet

  • Finn Your Human

    Skip shouldn’t be aloud to be in this profession you shouldn’t be aloud to be bias for no reason towards a player and i dont even care for lebron like that he is not my fav player but ik where to give respect when its do

  • David Pena

    I got my sources

  • novacouncil OUTSDRS

    Jenny bad af. Bye Joy.

  • The Moral Compass Everybody

    Kawhi and Jimmy Butler want to beat LeBron not play with LeBron, Shannon blowing cookies again

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Why doesn't Jimmy Butler want to play with LeBron?

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