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Sinbad joins Skip and Shannon to talk LeBron James and ‘Rel’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Sinbad joins Skip and Shannon to talk LeBron James and ‘Rel’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  • Supa Slime

    A.I is rare Air

  • Ty Tru

    Shid it look like his wife slept with his barber too👀🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • youngnebula187

    Good to see Sinbad

  • Trucker Baty

    Another LeBron fan, not a Laker fan. Bleh!

  • 2nd Take

    Aretha didnt write respect. Tgats ottis song. She just sang it dummies

  • Jack Skellington

    Shannon Sharpe is …. an emotional lesbian !

  • Scisca

    You can sense the contempt and disdain he has for people who dared to vote for Trump, couldn't wait a minute to attack them. So pathetic. And such people dare to keep saying it's Trump who divided people. No. You communist pawns don't accept anyone who doesn't bow to your sick ideology, it's people like you who destroy America!

  • justasportsfan 101

    Miami Lebron is the best version of Lebron. Cleveland Lebron was a absolute joke.

  • This dude didn’t get excited for the KB/Shaq years … DAFUQ

  • Fairplay Terrific

    His Breakfast Club Interviews Are Really Good. Sinbad Is The Man…..

  • tony frazier

    If you don't like kobe you're not a real laker fan

  • ken Hawk El Hawk


  • Abdullah Hardy

    Sinbad looking like he still young and he bout to come out with another season of sinbad show

  • Joseph Bowen

    These liberals are what is destroying are society always playing the race card, they don't know what it feels like to be slaves, overpaid to be begin with, then want people to feel sorry when they go broke , its a fact most of them retire 3- 5 years later go broke mike tyson broke and randall cunningham etc.

  • Renardo James

    Sinbad dropping knowledge. I agree with him 100% on everything he said. I only wish he had included Kareem.

  • Arsenio Buck

    NO MORE JOY! I love seeing this new one smile. FINALLY! No more nasty attitudes on the show!

  • AweSum PowerZ


  • Gabriel Barraza

    Sinbad and Shannon would easily give LBJ a bj any day.


    Sinbad was on the money 💯💪


    As a 58 year old black man who watched his great grandfather be called the “N” word by young white man. Watching these dumb black men swear because they have no vocabulary, and calling each other the white mans degrading slur word to all black people. Was just an total black minstrel show like Amos and Andy. Also, to all you dumb black people who say it’s pronounced with the “ar” not the “er”. I’m college educated with a background in ethic studies and sociology. Most black people including me until I got away from the ghetto, do not pronounce any word with the “er” ending correctly. Examples, trigger, finger, remember, spider, etc.. I took communication classes and had my friends correct my grammar. When you swear all the time when you talk you just sound dumb and no one takes you seriously. For you people who think money makes you smart. Don’t be dumb these guys play a sport, do you know how many of these idiots become broke. I’m a self made millionaire and I’m still learning and educating myself. This show is just buffoonery, and a embarrassment to all black Americans. My African friends always say don’t call me a “N” I’m African no “N”here. White people say the word right they created. I travel all over the world and I don’t witness any other race calling each other a racial slur given to them by the white man.

  • gary corr

    I'm so tired of Skip trying to switch up people's comments. He hampers the show's rhythym, with his "Old man I know everything antics."

  • Universal Empire UETV

    Lebron carries your show even better than if it was about MJ it wouldn’t have as many views.. show respect for LEBRON .. skip

  • great vengeance

    Lebron is not the voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    thats the key word "skip knows"

  • Matthew O'Reilly

    Love how sinbad wouldn’t listen to a word skip said lmao

  • Ben wahl

    11:00 mins of race baiting. How nice.

  • Charlton Kenneth

    Sinbad amazing insight loved this episode

  • closeedge01

    Came here to make sure no one was talking mess on Sinbad…….

  • John Guillory

    My boi Sinbad! One thing that I always find interesting if someone says what you want them to say they are real and Great if they don't they are token, they don't understand the struggle. SMH, (People grow up and look at the good and not the negative all the time)

  • moultrie03

    It's just crazy to me that Kobe is not even mentioned…

  • Ant Edwards

    Sinbad can see it.. LeBron is the KING

  • LBJ don’t speak for the black community.

  • jack charlie


  • Michael Pun

    And like a person who knows basketball he did not mention Kobe. So you stupid Kobe lames can eat it.

  • King Cola

    LeBron is trash 3-6 will never be better than Jordan 6-0 played hard never quit never got swept in finals

  • D Man

    Laugh out loud at "he's the stove, I'm just gonna let it marinate"-Shannon 😂

  • John Hernandez

    James is just a guy with an opinion like any other. He is not a "major player" in the black community. He should refrain from social and political commentary imo or he will be used as a pawn by the powers that be. He is not a spokesperson or activist. He is famous, that's it.

  • BlkDiesel

    What amazes me it that they say wherever LeBron goes we got hope. As great as he is then why didn't he take his hope talents to Atlanta, Phoenix, The Nets, The Kings or The Hornets. If he is as great as they say he is…why didn't he go there and bring those teams some of his HOPE. Miss me with LeBron the Hope Healer nonsense. All time great for sure…but miss me with all this LeGod worship nonsense.

  • Fady Said

    Last time I remember Sinbad was on the hit film “Jingle All The Way” with Arnold looool

  • Rajbir Thaper

    one of the best segments one this show

  • cbere57

    No injuries,LBJ! Will get at least 4 more rings!

  • Ricochetrabitt

    Sinbad is a true brotha and is a man of integrity. He speaks truth and volumes about what he sees.

  • adam7mma

    Skip loves LeBron but he knows he has to stay in that character because it's made him so much money. If he started to show LeBron love now no one would watch him. Hey make your money Skip

  • Darien Birks

    No hate. But damn, do they HAVE to talk about LeBron every day? It's getting out of hand.

  • Anthony Gill

    Love sinbad thats whats up

  • Chris Bradley

    I haven't seen Sinbad since a different world

  • D.j. Hylanda

    Now I have a reason to watch Fox!!! This brotha is gonna need the ratings and I'm so happy he is back on TV!!!!



  • Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer

    Lol, no one ever thought Sinbad was a black guy. Lol,

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will LeBron win another championship in LA?

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