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New 76ers GM Elton Brand: ‘I think we still need a piece’ | The Jump | ESPN
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New 76ers GM Elton Brand: ‘I think we still need a piece’ | The Jump | ESPN


  • Thomas Dauphan

    Fantastic Hire by the Sixers ownership — bringing in someone from outside would be foolish – this is the best young core in the NBA, the coaching staff, the culture, the star power – this is Not a Rebuild.
    This is a team positioned to compete for Titles in 2 or 3 years

  • For Kids By Kids

    Elton brand wow good for him

  • Kelly Lengo Mbouala

    When Lamar Odom was doing this triple-double thing. I feel too old man I miss James Lamar Odom doing literally everything on the floor with ridiculous handles for his size

  • charles cooper

    I'd like Jimmy Butler on the team would put us top 2 in the east possibly beating Boston but no one's beating the warriors gotta wait until they dispand

  • Trey Spencer

    How is the Cavs old GM David not hired yet

  • Clem Cornpone

    What a bunch of horseshit. Magic joined Kareem and mattered right away..because he joined Kareem. That shit doesn't happen often. What? Three times in 70 years of league history: Russell, Magic, and Bird? It usually takes a half a decade or more for even the greatest players to reach par.

    Embiid is a buffoon who Al Horford forced onto the bench in the playoff's last year. He's a look-at-me asshole in the Donald Trump media mold. He ain't done shit yet. Brad Steven's saw Simmon's kryptonite on first sight last year, keep him from penetrating and he's useless because he can't shoot. Simmon's piss-poor shooting in his first real season shouldn't be uncorrectable, but he hasn't shown it correctable yet.

    Philly needs a hell of alot more than just another player.

  • TriggerNugget

    0:57 bottom right

  • Teemoos

    Sounds like this cunt is going to ruin this team.

  • I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ??

    This was a smart move, Bron Bron was stupid he moved to fast and i bet he's having regrets now. I know who that piece is, 🤐 its about to go down again at the Wells Fargo Center. 🔥🔥

  • Teron Johnson

    Hope I'm wrong, but don't be surprised if this doesn't work out for Philly

  • relentless212

    We need to develop who we have. We got three guys in saric, simmons and embiid who just started scratching their potential in only their 1st and 2nd seasons plus fultz who's talent is really raw. Dont mess that up by bringing in some big name big clout player who could disturb the progress.

  • Oppo Smart

    They need more shooters

  • Derek Wood

    He is classy even though he told baron to sign with the clips and he would stay, then he burned him and signed with the sixers

  • Junior Guantes

    Lakers gm better

  • Darryl K

    Yeah it was Bron

  • Chang Yung Shih

    You need a better head coach like ours. #BradStevens

  • Tae Dreams

    Poopity scoop, scoopity poop

  • LaFart Ball

    Great hire, smart hire. Putting a respected former player in a position of power is a good look

  • Iain Graham

    Never heard Elton Brand speak before

  • jeron jetter

    Like how he said dario he rarely gets an shine

  • Daniel Loomis

    Doesn't know how to be a GM lol

  • hehe xd

    Elton brand’s Snapchat is also pretty lit

  • Mohamed A

    Philadelphia should try to sign kawhi next year they have cap space don’t they?

  • Rashard Stallworth

    When markelle fultz was talking about the mental aspect of the game he was talking about it in the way that Michael Jordan or Kobe or Phil Jackson talked about it. Markelle fultz never say that he was having mental health issues stop misconstruing the truth please.


    i had a collector card of the 1999 rookie class. Elton was in the middle, steve francis on the right and Lamar Odom on the left. Those were the days

  • Lyricist Productions

    Brand was a baller

  • leerey14

    I would have rather brought back Hinkie.

  • Forte IV

    Maybe he should target Baron Davis then leave after they sign him

  • Nathan Logan-cooney

    At first I was like, I don't know but then I hear him speak and suddenly I'm like yes that's the guy.

  • tonedog77

    "Athlete" is a bit of a stretch from what I remember of elton.


    Yea they needed LAbron JAmes

  • Lewis Fadipe

    Im SOOOOO happy for EB

  • Duane Crooms

    Lebron shoulda came to Philly

  • Ben Simmons not no damn superstar

  • M0ebius

    I don’t get it. Arguably the best GM in the league, Danny Ainge, was an ex-NBA player. So why is the conversation even about whether it’s possible as if it’s some sort of groundbreaking move?

  • Richard Soto

    This is really cool he played hard in his career and he was coachable and in his older seasons he was a great Vet. So I'm really glad somebody was watching especially with his success in the D-Leag. Much respect he's gonna win a championship there🙏

  • Trapping

    So we went from the process to a guy with no plan no vision no experience. Hmm at least he's black right??!! so Steven a smith should be happy, that asshole!!

  • Joey C

    Luca Doncic will bust Fultz.

  • lebum not top 10 best all time

    how did this bum get the job.

  • Jeezus C.

    Mr. Double Double

  • Didn't this bumass say they have all the talent they need yesterday

  • LaMeazyA Washington


  • Rey Gumbs

    Congrats EB #NewGM

  • Theman

    Do not trade fultz

  • Edward Malcolm

    Yeah cause you gotta get through Raptors and Celtics and Ben and Joel ain’t doing that by themselves

  • Cokebyparis


  • juan lamos

    It’s crazy both these players were drafted after dirk and have been retired for years and dirk still playing! Love you dirk!!!!

  • What another piece?
    They have the best trio in the league in Simmons, smoove and embiid!

  • EMANeleVenElevEn

    Stephen Jackson talked his way back into a job at ESPN

  • apostolos gkletsoss

    you actually dont…i mean 76ers only issue is that they are still young…they have amazing players..i mean empid is good ben simmons also good jj reddick very good shooter and also they have saric their best player ,that guy is an amazing give them time and they gonna be ok they dont need anyone else

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