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LZ Granderson fired up over CJ McCollum’s ring chasing comments | SportsNation | ESPN
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LZ Granderson fired up over CJ McCollum’s ring chasing comments | SportsNation | ESPN


  • Doyoan

    GSW 2018 -2019 champs

  • Stay Professional

    But he want them players on his team…

  • S.Gregory Goods

    It's about loyality to one team winning with one team aka Magic,Bird,Jordan,Isaiah…the old school way.. not wanting to play with ya boy..sometimes those old braggin' rights are what makes it all fun.. who doesn't wanna knock of the Dubs as one unit

  • Rayford Rahming

    This is dumb. They're trying to downplay what KD did in an attempt to rewrite history.

  • cedric

    Lebron had been dominated by other players on the court he may have padded stats but when its him versus them I can name a ton of games on the big stage where his man outplayed him

  • Andre Howard

    Why is CJ worried bout the warriors? Y’all got swept by the pelicans Bro 😂

  • cedric

    All these idiot people say wilt shaq Kareem were the most dominant when Jordan was easily the most dominant in nba history none of them was so unstoppable that they controlled winning like Jordan Jordan has no equal because he did it on the court he demolished his opponents in wins and losses and most of these comments are from people who only watch highlights and listen to analysts

  • Chill Trav

    He talking about pride like its that serious. Its basketball. And pride comes before the fall. He wasnt talking that when he wanted all them players on his team. Keep losing with pride.

  • Otis Thomas

    LEBRON COULDN'T DO IT IN CLEVELAND AT HIS YOUNG AGE GOING TO MIAMI, SPURS BLEW HEAT OUT THE BUILDING, LEBRON WENT BACK TO A KYRIE CAVS TEAM THAT GOT ALL STAR BEFORE CAVS LOVE TO JOIN 3 ALL STARS nobody saying anything about this in a weak EAST conference, what ever happen to lebron in miami not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 , he was saying at that moment i will pass jordan with this superstar team of scorers,

  • Denny A

    Dirk won without another superstar

  • Maurice White

    Well cj beat them.. stop complaining like everyone else bitching and beat the warriors… they're beatable.. Miami was beatable and gsw are too.. damn NBA grow so nuts and stop bitching

  • Marie Scorpion

    Preach brother!!!

  • Christian McIver

    I don’t think it’s up to KD to satisfy the rest of the league. What exactly is “ring chasing?” If you’re not in the league to win chips or money, what are you doing? CJ is upset that Boogie didn’t come to Portland. KD owes no one nothing. Not many stars win without other all stars. Hakeem and Dirk are the only exceptions that I can think of.

  • Adam Neil

    CJ McCollum should try to make his teammates better and stop worrying about Durant

  • Alec Ashby

    I'm cool with big 3s but big four and fives hell no

  • a cox

    Quit act like we don't know the difference between ring chasing and trying to win a ring. Ring chasers go to a ready built situation (typically take a smaller role) to ride that "already contending team" for a ring. That's totally fine if your a vet or role player. A star should never do that.

  • Mister Urch

    So everyone conveniently missed the point.

  • Ricky Mcelroy

    someone get LZ a cookie, over there sounding like cookie monster

  • Dtaune Ingram

    Dirk won a championship without any other superstar on his team… Everyone else is soft lol

  • ernie pettaway

    Cj is constantly trying to recruit big free agents to Portland lol…. Stop crying

  • Dominique Edwards

    Dirk did it lmaoo

  • Kinglik7

    What’s CJ is basically saying is he wouldn’t do what KD did which is join an already stacked team. Especially one that just beat you. What KD did is this generations version of ring chasing. I wouldn’t do what KD did either. Too much pride lol.

  • Keith Dease

    All that shit he's talking, he better wise up and find a team he can win a championship with duh!

  • minefield swamp51

    CJ really mad at his organization and teammates cause they overpaying Evan Turner and Nurkic

  • Daren Holloway

    He is talking about star players joining championship teams already built. The Warriors have been to 4 straight finals, 3 chips. An allstar joining them is ring chasing. This is sports, we want competition. Everyone knew the Warriors would win the last two years.

  • Big Booty Jabby

    The objective is to BEAT THE WARRIORS!!!! None of y’all boo boo minded people aren’t comprehending! If you can’t beat the Warriors, don’t join them. Walk it off and try again!

  • trojandarkhorse

    How is Royce comparing the Cousins going to the blazers to going to the warriors?…..these two guys on the right are 🤡🤡

  • Dameon Scott

    Dirk won a Championship on his own 2011 Dallas Mavs

  • common sense Z

    Dwyane Wade basically won the 2006 chip on his own 🤷‍♂️.

    No one on that team averaged over 14 a game lol and Wade averaged 35 with multiple 40 point games the last 4 games lol.

    Shaq played like ass basically so don't anyone dare mention him lol.

  • Zel Money

    CJ isn't allowed to say what the majority of fans are saying?

  • AIversonI

    These guys really don't get it do they…..!?

  • Deonte Baker


  • codejjm

    What’s hard to understand about what ring chasing is? Demarcus Cousins is a all star taking a 2 million dollar contract when he could have gotten more from any other team even coming off an injury. Have some damn integrity and start using your brains.

  • Lenin nivar

    Its the protest issue all over again..u mean what u mean and they say no its come on..funny how fans are the ones that dont know shit..yet were the ones watching, filling up expensive ass seats night in night out to watch the best players go at it..yet were blind, millions of people can agree with same facts about nba being tarnished or elite player joining a 73 win team was the weakest glad CJ stood up ✊🏽

  • Rudie Obias

    But, KD did chase a ring….

  • Chris Burnett

    yeahhhhh he said it best you can't say superteams are disgusting…when you were trying to recruit Boogie yourself and other top flight free agents. sorry but he looked like the ultimate bitch with that tweet after boogie signed with the dubs…."wait there's still time to change your mind." Mannnn gtfoh with that weak ass baby attitude oh we didn't get our way waaaaa waaaaa our pitch sucked waaaaa waaaa now I'm gonna go to social media and keep complaining about a decision that happened two years ago waaaaa waaaaa but we can't even beat a team with only one all star in the starting lineup just hilarious that you people are defending the person who is really looking soft in this situation.

  • Flying Spacerock

    McCullom is Right! ESPN is out of touch. This is how the Ballers feel.

  • Jared Thomas

    MJ basically DID win BY HIMSELF… He had OVERRATED Pippen and ONE DIMENSIONAL ASS Rodman as his sidekicks… You call that "help ?" 😂😂

  • J Black

    All CJ does is put up shots. Cant defend or distribute .

  • T0nyMc420

    What happened to ESPN?

  • Mystic Solid

    These guys are dumb. They complete miss CJs point. Whether you agree with CJ or not is one thing, but they are making illogical arguments against CJ

  • slack city

    Dear haters y'all can't have it both ways. You can say KD ruined the league all you want but any players that's talented enough to completely "remove competition from the league" is a pretty great player so when it comes to his legacy you then say he isn't as great because blah blah blah and dismiss what we see every season from him. Twitter has turned 50% of NBA fans into teenage girls.

  • ELi-MHB Fps

    CJ your a idiot your motivating KD bad idea when he drops 40+on your head don't say shit

  • NeoLegendX

    the hell you called cousins then

  • Kenyata Jones

    CJ is jealous he will not win a ring so keep taking a L.

  • Ryan Khoshneviss

    Dumbasses, they don’t get what Cj is saying, it’s the fact that boogie is joining a team that has 4 starts that have won 3 chip in the last 4 years and one was without KD

  • Jay James

    It's funny how everybody seems to act like they don't know why CJ McCullom is saying this..they not making teams,they're joining an already polished and put together sqad..seems like it's not an issue unless it's that other guy making moves

  • Malik Reeves

    Everybody knows no matter what KD did how many points he averaged, how many mvps , how many all stars, all anybody would’ve talked about his him not having a ring, he made the decision now just get over it

  • Will Lim


  • EyeLoveTheStars

    This is going to be hilarious when Dame Lillard goes to the Lakers.

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