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Lebron James Working Out With Highschool Teammates in Cleveland Shootin’ the Sh*t
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Lebron James Working Out With Highschool Teammates in Cleveland Shootin’ the Sh*t

The Offseason Workout that brought Lebron Back to Cleveland with a nice speech on discipline and work ethic CREDIT to Grit Media check out their channel


  • Golfy Mcball

    CAVS IN 7

  • The giant Troll


  • Horwin Jia

    1:15 yep, definitely Lebron :/

  • ben smith

    Am I the only one at 1:10 who thought he was going to shoot in the far hoop

  • Elias Mehrzai

    Drop dellevedova's bitch ass and pick up these fools

  • Lord HarryPotter

    Lol these guys must really sucks bc lebron could even get them a spot on them thrash cavs his first go around

  • James S

    Go Pack Go

  • Kwame The God

    LeBron travelled.

  • David Jutras

    what's the name of the beat?

  • Fernando Martin Fondevilla

    is that Romeo Travis?

  • King Wani

    the cavs should sign these guys lol i magine

  • Titan Blaximus

    Bron Bron the beast

  • Crisanto Espi

    Wow!Romeo Travis is King James childhood friend and former teammate in hig school. That's why his very good in playing ball the first time I watched him in the PBA. His a shooter especially in mid range shots and have a high basketball I.Q. Go Travis! Beat the Hotshots!

  • FGS Guap

    i bet these dudes would of done better then lebrons teammates in the finals

  • Tranz Guitariztah

    Romeo Travis

    Alaska Aces Governors Cup Import ?


  • slater1ist

    Dru Is married now.

  • Erik Page

    What happened to the white guy who was their PG?

  • sora sky

    The song is Straight Off The Block


    1:11 travel 😮

  • Piero della Francesca

    Did the cameraman eventually go to rehab?

  • Ariel Martin

    James and Durant in a heat jersey, with bigger cap, unstoppable, and let it be in south beach, in riley we trust

  • MrMrSlickRick

    What is the name of this song??

  • Icylele

    nice shoes

  • Stefan Kovacevic

    Not to be that little dickhead always mentioning kobe on a lebron video but.

    I just find it pretty amazing how kobe had like no friends or any real basketball friends to push him or help him get through
    Yet he pushed himself harder and more than anyone here or anywhere else for that matter.

    All by himself
    Pretty damn incredible if you ask me

  • Ciera Sapp

    Me to

  • Viktor Babaian

    What is the name of the song?

  • Eric L.

    Wait…are these the friends from the Lebron documentary movie "More Than A Game"?

  • Barney Stinson

    I'm surprised that lebron didn't try to get these guys a roster spot

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