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LeBron James – 1 hour workout (uncut)
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LeBron James – 1 hour workout (uncut)

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Full LeBron James workout – 1 hour, uncut!


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  • Ace Luffy

    Roberson’s 1h work out will be hit the rim from the free throw line haha

  • Aging 86

    This has motivated me to do 1 push-up a day?

  • chayichk lokata

    Why was LeBron looking down while dribbling during drill 24?

  • H20bbes gaming

    I have a question for you. What position do you play???


    so who the fuck says its easy to get millions dollars in NBA

  • friendly_user 123

    he's in the zone!!

  • Korry Andre

    They just made Powerade look better than it actually is ?

  • ყველაფერი NBA - ზე

    ?? I just won an iPhone 8 on this giveaway. Hurry up there is few more left!

  • Travis2 Hall 2

    I wish I could train with you LeBron 1# fan in the world!!!

  • Jeremy Brown

    I'm at the point that it would break my heart if Lebron and his wife ever broke up

  • Brotha Chase

    I did this whole thing with him ?????

  • Storm Fan

    I'm not gonna lie. I have been a fan of Lebron James for over 10 years and this is the first time I saw him jumping a rope. Lol…

  • life of idiots

    Subscribe to me I will subscribe back

  • Anthony Caressi

    where's yar 4 minute mile training. did ya hide it under the bleachers. if yar gonna hold yar nose at the angle, then ya better have the beef. where is it. did ya hide it under mike's couch. all i see is some jump shots and lite 1/2 go weight training. with those little girly stretchy bands. for all yar millions of income, and that is impressive, you still cant do a 4:00 to 4:30 mile. i bet you cant even do a 5:20 mile. yar tall and skilled at a skill that has little use on the street. yar not even doing any fight training. i bet you cant bench 340 like the nfl guys either. so what can you really do. you cant fight, you cant do a 4 30 mile, you cant bench 340. you got some height and some skills that outside of basketball dont mean anything. so you keep yar nose up in the air and keep shoving the kids down at the end of their layups. make sure you stay true to yar northern ohio heritage. if yar just so damn great of an athlete, go beat up lennox lewis or outrun rudisha. hell, do both. come on, big mouth, with yar mindless noise up in the air. i bet you wouldnt last 15 minutes against mayweather. you'll be fat like shaq at age 45, sitting on the bleachers. yar not a great athlete. because great athletes can bench 420 and do a 4:00 mile, and have a black belt. you dont even have one of those things. and by age 45, you wont even be medically fit. you'll be some fat ass like shaq. or have a broken back, like bird. oh, he's so great, the legend. he didnt look like much laying on the sidelines at age 30. its not to say yar a chump. no, far from it, you are a good athlete. yar not a great athlete. i've never seen a great athlete in this world. someone who stands 6 6' and can do a 4:00 mile and throw the shot ball for 23 yards, and bench 420. that's what a great athlete can do. i never seen a man who can do those things in combination. show dont tell.

  • Kennez Bozeman

    Thanks Lebron

  • Rob Smith

    People always say how LeBron has a naturally gifted body but there are other players that are 6'8 & over yet they aren't athletic & strong as LeBron because they aren't in the gym as much as LeBron

  • Michael Bunker

    I️ want to hear what they are saying and not Music. I️ need a wider shot angle so I️ can see his mechanics better.

  • pashn Williams

    Lebron is the best basketball player ( curry weak)

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  • jesuschrisisjasonbourne

    number 38 would take like hour if shaq would do this.

  • Splash Zone

    53:05 LeBron savage it's either in or out which on it's goin be lol I'm sleep

  • Marcus Voltaire

    Doing this workout without a rebounder is hard lol I had to pause about a good 7-10 times lol but I got him on the free throws lol best player in the game! Thanks LBJ

  • Biggest nba fan Ever

    My list Michael Jordan,Kobe Bryant,Lebron James

  • Alex Lee

    Lebron james >>>>>>>>>>> Durant who blew 3-1 lead n ?

  • Basketball And Christ

    LeBron James don't train for an hour way to short ? but loved that quote there no short cuts to greatness

  • Era Cashing

    ???????? funny recovery

  • LidoR

    what is he drinks?

  • Matt Orfalea

    That's not even that hard a workout…

  • Matt Orfalea

    54:23 lower back's tight

  • Matt Orfalea

    Can someone explain the flexibility training?

  • Matt Orfalea

    Funny how the trainer is the one who needs to drink water and he's not even working out

  • Matt Orfalea

    He's dribbling with his head down. WTF?


    Ha and in 2015-2016 people said curry was better

  • samir hare

    i feel scammed u dont know what lebron does in those 3 minutes 20 seconds

  • Spencer Neloms

    best NBA player ??

  • Mladen Radivojevic

    Aha evo ga otkrio se pije steroideeeeeeee !!!!!!!

  • Stephen Dowdye

    You do all these workouts and you still get injured. I do not understand. There is a shortcut to greatness mister.

  • FOT2010

    This was Kobe's 4am warm-up program

  • Pens Suck

    That ball is flat.

  • Everytime I paused this, he was standing still?

  • guccioFTW

    which shoes he wears?

  • Jack Boy

    So if i do this every day i will be as good as lebron

  • Tommy Adinolfi

    I do love his work outside of

  • This workout seems kind of bullshit and laid back.

  • Leo_Cerberus

    how much how wanna bet Zion Williamson is watching this

  • 김병준

    한국사람 ㅠ

  • Миша Макар

    15:37 music please!!!

  • TacoBot5000

    52:20 lebron-kun can i play with your toes desu ka? ~ ~ >:3

  • Connor Clarke

    This is when he was KD level

  • Luc Munson

    It always looks funny to me when the trainer of a basketball superstar is way shorter than the basketball player.

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