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Kobe Bryant’s Insane Work Ethic
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Kobe Bryant’s Insane Work Ethic

Kobe Bryant has been one of the most recognizable and top-scoring players in the NBA for 17 years. Even after a devastating Achilles tendon tear in March, he has shattered the timetable for his recovery and is expected back for the upcoming basketball season.

The reason that Bryant has managed to stay on top over the years is his insane work ethic. Watch to see why the “Black Mamba” is one of the best to play the game.


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  • Fritz Legaspi

    saitama does better

  • Suzanna Jacob

    Ray Allen takes 500 shots b4 every game & after game.

    the first guy coming to gym & the last guy to leave the gym.

    The Legend Ray Allen.

  • Eli Michaelis

    0:29 did he go to class lol

  • Richard Alcala

    There are many reasons why Kobe is the best, but here's one: Even after retirement, he's still waking up at 4-5AM and getting his workouts in…you can bring up stats, rings, etc. Kobe had true love and passion for the game and for all out rise and grind hard work. Even when he was winning rings in June, he was back in the gym 2 weeks later putting in work like he had just lost the finals. Work ethic. period.

  • Abdullahi Ali

    " your up 2-0 Why aren't you happy"
    " the Job isnt finish what is their to be happy about" difference between Kobe and Lebron theirs reason why he won more rings if Bron had that mentality he would have won 2011 and 2014

  • Kyle Kuzma

    But why he missed so many shots ?

  • The golden Boy gamming

    he work at 4 am

  • ok the diet isntthat good but still realy good ethic

  • Glib Boy

    this nigga is the worst shooter in history lmaoooo fuck kobe fans

  • Beef Burrito

    “Job ain’t finished. Job finished?”

  • Flight []

    Kobe along with his Airness are my inspirations. I started playing basketball just this year, nothing but hard work. Hurricane Harvey? No problem, still grinding outside. Rare snow in Texas? Oh well, that won't cool my heat.

  • Slender morph

    he is a real life genius in and off the court

  • I shot at least 400 shots a day when i was a kid because my mommy said i couldnt have an N64 and there was nothing to do back then! How come Im not good like Kobe?

  • SpartanHl Lacedaemon

    He copy the way of Jordan's talk at the end of the video (make this thing with his tongue,just like Jordan used to do) weird.

  • James Peirson

    400 isnt a lot I do way more but everything else would never do

  • God's Judgement


  • Average Joe

    Where was this in 04 when they got there asses handed to them by an average as team.

  • kvng drippy

    I remember when people got mad cuz Kobe was getting paid $125 mill and now niggas is getting $200 mill and ain't nobody saying shit

  • LaylaVloggy 2626


  • miklitov23

    The difference between Kobe and Michael, Kobe the type of nigga to eat well, sleep well, work hard. Michael would drink cocktails, smoke cigars, stay until 5:00 am, go to the gym at 7:30 am, then drop 50 points on you at 9:00 PM .

  • Tammy Mills


  • Lavar Ball

    Most competitive athlete EVER.

  • 1a 2b


  • Лексо Саичић

    400 shots a day is not a big deal. European players routinely shoot 1000 a day

  • NIGHA 1

    pussy my friend and me didn't stop practicing till 1000 shot and 100 laps n 100 laps around our school n 100 layups for 2 years!

  • Carlos Arballo

    Dude im so sad I wont get to witness Kobe play anymore

  • The Asian Kid

    Where's KG at?

  • Warp Hype

    This is what you call dedication.

  • Filthy Kicks

    #100hoopchallenge CHECK IT OUT AND GET ON BOARD! 100 3's a day

  • The Mercilless

    He must be grinding for a badge

  • Noble Magnum

    0.01 reaction time lol fucking dumb that wont make a difference

  • Zach Zimmerman

    Anyone else bored of basketball

  • Benjamin Conlin

    I'm calling bs on the piano factoid

  • Vlad Visan

    1:39 ???

  • High Flyer


  • Max Gilgen

    Lmao dis dude attempt 400 shots a game XD

  • yotta93 meister

    Lebron better

  • SoDelayed

    We miss you.?

  • joshua yap

    Rapist Bryant ?

  • AJeff_21

    I wonder if Kobe says Kobe in his mind when he shoots a three ?

  • Viggo Hansen

    it would be funny of kobe only ate kobe beef

  • Max Furey


  • stegosaurus

    lol and i can barely study for more than 20 mins a day

  • 23yidarmy

    if that is his diet think about how great he's be if he dropped the beef and eggs and upped the sugar

  • Hank Hill

    worthless fucks playing with balls. waste of fucking money.

  • Parker Rice

    Give me a whole gym for myself, food and drinks, I'd be in there all day

  • Cole Fifield

    Fun fact is that after his rookie season he went to Michael Jackson house and asked MJ how he is so great at what he does to in order to be great and Michael then showed him his crazy work ethic and how he learned from the greats and said if you apply that to your game you will become great….. crazy to think that MJ motivated and inspired basketball players and football players just as much as he did other artists of our generation.


    if I had a basketball gym to myself I would train 8 hours a day, prob more. I love basketball so much but I suck so

  • Fanen Chiang

    Lol shit learned moonlight by ear might was well become a musician

  • Dedicated af.

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