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Kenyon Martin discusses LeBron’s response to Kobe and Magic Johnson’s comments | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Kenyon Martin discusses LeBron’s response to Kobe and Magic Johnson’s comments | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  • Jerome Yudiet

    LeBron needs to be a leader.. a teammate and not just throw them under the bus when they loose..

  • Mr. M Knight

    He’s gonna do whatever it takes to win ?no. He’s gonna do whatever it takes to get his stats EXCEPT play defense. Period.

  • Clifford Driver

    Depending on a 34, year old man, four years. Girls, sounds like a sound investment to me, hope the realist feels likewise, or, are are lakers fans that stupid!

  • whatever

    Here we go…? skip WHINED all last year that LBJ played “ too many” minutes, now it’s why can’t he average more? skip really needs to stop projecting his daddy issues onto Lebron. Your an old man skip, Grow Up!

  • Carl Monton

    but you have Chinese tattoos Kenyon

  • Samore Toure

    Skip Bayless averaged 1.3 ppg in high school ?

  • Startuper

    2:35 lebron need to go back to Miami to 'rejuvenite'
    PED comfirmed

  • Tony Stark

    More folks are just tired of LeBron's charade and also the media for talking about him. There are 29 other teams and 449 other players out there. Surprised nobody is suggesting DC for KD.

  • Manis Themeasure

    Nobody said to let the young players grow when Kobe was there. These guys are always changing the rules as they see it fit.

  • Michael Relf

    Nobody Compared 2 MJ Shidddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here’s the thang Skieup

  • Spencer Stone

    Nobody cares about MJ and his glorified tummy ache game

  • Khalid Nawabi

    Best player in the world lost 8 finals???

  • trugb24

    There is no evidence that Jordan played with a 102 fever. He said that, not the doctor.

  • Morpheus Rising

    This sounds like everything people were saying just before Kobe tore his Achilles and then after the fact these same people questioned why Diantoni didn't restrict Kobe's minutes and save him from himself.

  • Hugh Hayes

    Skip "1.3 PPG" Bayless.

  • Anthony S

    I'm still waiting on Keyon Martin to answer Jeremy Lin

  • C Brown

    You cannot take Skip Bayless or his opinions seriously. He's the biggest hypocrite on sports tv.

  • How is this a big deal?

  • Gordon242


  • ???? ¿¿¿¿

    Can’t keep looking back gotta keep running keep running

  • Keyronday

    Skip no in his heart LeBron is the best player ever & he hate that

  • Mike Adams

    Can’t look back; … gotta keep on runnin’… keep on runnin’

  • Seth B

    If I see one more Oculus ad so help me God!

  • Conscious

    If the west was so weak during the MJ years, why did they win every finals during his hiatus? The east was just as weak in the 90's as it is or was recently.

  • Spartant2112

    I don't get Shannon's comparison of MJ's fever game and Lebron playing every minute of game 7. In a way, Michael was "injured"/sick so he wasn't %100 and still played through it. LeBron wasn't sick/injured. So what exactly is the comparison here?

  • Whats with this vibrainiom joke. Are they down low implying that he is on steroids?

  • dcgrrl321

    Skip can’t even be logical with his BS.

  • wally vee

    I believe all this development talk is all smoke and mirrors just so that the media can have stories/narratives to report on. These are NBA "PROS" just play the game of basketball like you would normally. The development in our young players will naturally come along with chemistry.

  • Lord HarryPotter

    Skip wants him to play more minutes?

  • JesusChrist IsSatan

    Just imagine if Lebron had another star with him. If the Lakers had Anthony Davis they would beat the Warriors. Lebron had Wade in Miami and only won 2 because they had no bigs outside of a soft Bosh. In Cleveland Lebron had Irving. Kevin Love doesn't count because he sucks and is overrated just like Kobe.

  • J Brown

    Not a fan of having Kenyon Martin on. I lose a few brain cells when he speaks.

  • Kakaroto K

    Lebron played the 82 games last season. Jordan did it for 9 seasons. ?????

  • Russian Bot from Russia

    Fake news!

  • angrytacos

    Vibranium, and then Shannon laughs, they know what the real deal with LeBron's "rejuvenation" is

  • Dale Hall

    LeBron gets criticism no matter what

  • Raptors Nation

    quit bitching and man tf up lebron… Kobe did all that with injures smh

  • Dale Hall

    He's playing the least minutes he has in years 35 munutes.. they were playing him almost 45 minutes in Cleveland..they need to chill

  • Kingslayer

    The media coverage of LeBron 24/7 only hurts his legacy. Not help it. Stop talking about HIM. There are 29 other teams out there. LeBron isn't even that interesting. Mike Tyson is.

  • vincentrich

    Kobe was in his 17th season and 34 years old, calling himself "Vino" and playing extra minutes, when he injured his achilles and immediately ended his career as a superstar. LeBron's in his 16th season and 34 years old saying that his body is built for this heavy load…. to be continued.

  • Vaurie

    Skip will be on his death bed….. Skip – "Hurry, get Lebron on the phone, I don't have much time left." Lebron – "Hello this is Lebron." Skip- "Lebron, I needed to propel my career, the truth is…. you you arrrrrrrrreeee ttttthhhhhhheeee G-G-G-GOOOOAAAAATTTTT." Phone drops from his hand, smashes on the ground. Lebron's surroundings go mute, sits back in his recliner, a single tear rolls down his cheek.

  • Kingslayer

    Shannon Sharpe doesn't believe Father Time is undefeated. He praises LeBron at age 33 but criticizes Tom Brady at 41. ?

  • Gerard Parker

    Can you break me off a piece of Kenyon?

  • Adidas Man44

    Did y'all hear what Kenyon said..LeBron can only play one way and others have to fit in..its the only way the fraud can get his numbers!!! His game is based on him getting numbers..that's all!!!

  • Marquice Rowan

    Got that damn oculus commercial again just go go go go go somewhere else with that

    Then again in the middle of video

  • Cory Fessenden

    Brandon Ingram is such trash

  • Super Asian;Sayian

    LeBron goes to Miami for his roid shots. Now why would you say that K-Mart ?

  • Stew Meat

    If only you had listen to me on Twitter LeBron! When I asked you to play for my nuggets! Nuggets are the future in the west!

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Is LeBron carrying too much of the Lakers' workload?

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