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How to Create SPACE Against AGGRESSIVE Defenders | 6 NBA Moves | Nick Edson
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How to Create SPACE Against AGGRESSIVE Defenders | 6 NBA Moves | Nick Edson







  • joe-smith-205 Music and More

    Or any of them

  • joe-smith-205 Music and More

    First move wouldn't work

  • Ibrahim Kebbeh

    i want to do basket ball

  • Adrian Delacruz

    You're very stiff and awkward.

  • ElmoAlliance

    you mean stepback James harden

  • Jose Guerrero

    I'm a 5"9 PG would it be a good idea to add the lebron James thru legs gather to my arsenal of moves?

  • bihmafia1

    du hast keine ahnung oida lg admir

  • Đức Quang Trần

    nice !

  • InfernoGamer

    thanks so much! now i can stand up to the biggest trash talking kid in my team on the court when we are doing scrimmage

  • MagicMikeAKAMdot

    So, this is actually against no defense. If there was aggressive defense you would have no room to have the momentum to do these moves you would just be dribbling into the defender and look dumb. Didnt want to say put a negative comment cuz your dunk technique vids were awesome but this is just so improperly named

  • TheFalloutShot96

    On all of these u should point out ur heels never touch the floor after the hop( so u won't lose that momentum for the jump shot)

  • ThePrinceofGod

    No rhythm no swag no shoulder give

  • Kunal Lakhani

    all the move are similar like between the legs

  • Holyvessel34

    All these moves work but I call them at the age of 41. " knee blowers" lol haha. good vid

  • The Clutch 007

    the best option to create space is to pass

  • Marvin Mathews

    gr8 video… simple and to the point

  • Nick Schlundt

    fuck this dood

  • Clink Anderson

    what shoes and colorway are you wearing in this video. id love to grab a pair

  • Michael Mega

    That stepback is deadly, plus once you hit a couple of shots out of it defenders will play up on you and you can get into the paint easier.

  • Daddy Thomas

    Next video you should have a defender on you to show how effective the moves are.

  • Isaiah Anderson

    steph curry create the first move but thanks for getting straight to the point

  • Jake Derr

    I don't see any of these working. you picked the most freaky athletic players in the league. show us how Boris Diaw gets open

  • basketball things

    comment if you think I can make it to the nba

  • Cow Sht

    check out my latest feature, lmk how it is

  • Mike Love Thyself

    I like this straight to the point

  • KTJ 1200

    d rose stepback i know how to do it i just not makng it but im still work on it

  • Jason Frost

    Are the curry and d rose ones the same except bouncing the ball through the legs opposite ways? Anyway nice vid and helpful thank you

  • Zaza Pachulia

    This is preety good??

  • Trey Johnson

    I love how he says their names after the move lol

  • Gregory East

    No Lillard?

  • tung vu

    Thankyou so much Nick 😀

  • Everyday Gamer

    What if there's a person who's literally in front of you with their arms right in front of you.

  • Kyle Parker

    that first movie technically looks like a travel, but NBA'ers can get away with it lol!

  • I Am A Baller

    For nm.3 Hesi between the legs. Do i do the hesi first? or between the leg?

  • Jayke Narn

    Kobe's move should be here, because he creates space before he shoots

  • Andrew Webb

    Nice vid. The defense in my league is so tight I think these moves will really help

  • George Rodriguez

    These are all the same move. Aggressive attack.. step back or pull up.

  • Dave Chettri

    Love the video but the audio should be touched up please.

  • MatrixPatience

    A James harden move needs to be here lol this prolly was mad a while ago tho before he was what he really is now

  • Aaron Joseph

    very effective and good thanks very much and I really like your tight handles video it really helps thanks alot

  • vrillow

    dont look down when you dribble lmao

  • xxac3z N 8zxx

    these are affective but it would be cool if you could tell us how to do them in depth

  • Jonathan Hancock

    This video is terrible! Every move is the same crap!

  • Crest Fallen

    Didn't know Blake Shelton was a baller too 😀

  • Andrew Felder

    Isn't that travel when he did the Hesi Between the Legs in Slow Motion


    These are all effective!!

  • Preston Jackson

    I hope you're shooting with your weak hand…

  • Brian Liu

    #1 can be called step back as well? (minus between legs cross)

  • HansTheGreat 1738

    Wow look at the sweep! INCREDIBLE!


    i think your sway foward lacks

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