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Gordon Hayward says he ready for the season opener
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Gordon Hayward says he ready for the season opener

Gordon Hayward ready for season opener

Celtics star forward Gordon Hayward urged reporters that he has returned to essentially 100% in the wake of recovering from a broken left leg that he got in the Celtics’ season-opener a year ago.

Hayward has possessed the capacity to play full court ball and five-on-five with little limitations. He added that he completely hopes to play in the Celtics season opener on Oct. 16.

“Last step is just that last leap,” Hayward said Thursday.

As preseason b-ball approaches, Hayward said that playing in the up and coming game “will be the best work I can get,” per The Athletic’s Jay King.

“I’m just excited to be out there,” Hayward said. “It’s so much fun being able to play again and play with my teammates. These past two weeks and the next month or so will be good to get back into the game, feel the rhythm, the timing, different things like that.”

The NBA All-Star found the middle value of a best 21.9 points per game amid his last season with the Jazz before marking with the Celtics last offseason.

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