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Dwyane Wade’s Top 10 Plays of His Career
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Dwyane Wade’s Top 10 Plays of His Career

The fifth pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, Dwyane Wade heats up the court with speed and agility. Take a look at the Top 10 Plays of Dwyane Wade’s Career!


  • Konstantinos Petrakis

    Dwayne Wade the best point guard of all time and one of the best players in NBA history!!!

  • Bleach Clorox

    I like how the pa announcer calls Dwayne wades name

  • When number 10 is a hell of a good play, you no you're in for a treat.

  • Cesar Herrera

    The flash !!!

  • Armageddon Rice

    Forever Legendary, the greatest player of all time to wear #3…

    Dwyane Wade.

  • pimp101

    Probably the most dynamic and entertaining top 10 any player has. Most of them could be his #1. That’s ‘flash’ for you

  • LoganFamNetwork .

    #3 shooting guard of all time

  • Nico Lie

    Dude I want D Wade's Converse Shoes damn 🙁

  • Chin Poh Khong

    DWade can have more points but when james join the heat DWade keep pass the ball to james even when DWade can score himself

  • Robert Vitro

    Wade was and still is a fucking beast

  • ariana grande love you

    Looks bad with cavs these days

  • Trevan Romano

    2:50 LeBron-I wanna be on this team

  • Suween Kannangara

    The only time i ever saw a man go through an entire defensive unit and emerge unscathed was the Flash-1:28

  • Kevin Ilonise

    Dwayne Wade is as exciting of a player as Michael Jordan

  • Most overrated nba player EVER

  • Joma Cruz

    One of the best players in the league

  • 189wow

    aomei daiki in nba

  • Wade Silva

    i always watch your highlights bro dwade your number 1 fan from phillipine hope youl back the prime in the cavs goodluck i miss the real dwade

  • TaMereLaPute

    The fifth should be the second or the first

  • Bradley Star

    Dwanye wade= GOAT

  • Taylor Doering

    fuck yeah

  • Lado Khuroshvili

    Plz music link ??

  • Logan Graham

    2:33 it was at this moment Lebron realized, “I wanna play with that guy”

  • Ярослав Меженин

    What`s music name pls?

  • D Rigo

    he is my favorite player he is AMAZING

  • Budugu Vegunta

    Hands down the best top ten career plays of any NBA player

  • Jc Cedeño

    el mejor

  • Jc Cedeño

    el mejor

  • callmewisdom

    Even in his highlight video there are 3 wrong calls in his favour.

  • Mike G

    D Wizzle , spectacular . It hurt my heart when he left Miami , now I roll with Chicago as long as he's there .

  • Alex Gomez


  • Greta Niu

    I'm about to watch this video. The dunk on carejao should be 1st

  • andrew pamvouxoglou


  • California Bear

    Fun Fact. During a stretch of straight 16 NBA seasons (99-2014). Every single finals series featured either, Duncan or Kobe, and/or Wade. Winning 13 rings between them. In other words either Spurs, Lakers, or Heat reached the finals for 16 straight seasons. #Greatness

  • California Bear

    The youngest to ave 30+ pts in finals.Winning his 1st ring only in 3rd season. To put it in perspective during his first title WAde had been in the league for same, less, or a year more time than Andrew Wiggins, J Parker, embiid (I know he didn't for 2 seasons) porzingis, DA Russel, N Noel, J Okafer, Clarkson, AD, Beal to name a few young players still learning the ropes. Finals stats were ridiculous 35-8-4-3stl-1.3blk. Most of the time Wade doesn't get due credit.

    He could've won it in his only 2nd year if he hadn't fracture ribs after being up 3-2 vs Pistons, same Pistons that embarrassed Shaq/Kobe 3peat team load with vets 4-1 to championship. Wade had em their knees all by himself, they had no answer for him when only a year ago the same team shut down Kobe.

  • California Bear

    The man took possibly the weakest team ever in nba history to the playoffs. Pg Rookie Mario, Sg Wade, C UD, SF Beasley, and PF Yakhouba Diawara whoever this is. Off the bench Chris Quin, D Cook, Joel A, Mark Blunt. Late season they traded for Jermaine No'KneeL. And lost in hard fought 7 games series to Atl.

    Pat Riley even admitted himself he made a mistake and should had given Wade a max contract when the Heat signed bosh to extension. He made the Heat relevant, took pay cuts and stuck it out even at worse possible times.

  • California Bear

    No one player (if any plz point out) in this generation of players learned to win, grow bigger as the moment got bigger faster than Wade. Rookie year 1st playoff game ever hits a game winner, after taking them to playoffs with late season run. When everyone was talking abt melo, LBJ, but it was Wade making the biggest difference of his team. It was very possible for him to get his first ring only in his second season. And it was only his healthy self years away.Fundamentally he can only only be compared to Mr Big fundamental, Duncan himself.

    Even the mighty Mamba needed Shaq to average 38pts, 16rbs, 3 ast/blk (stats for finals only)While himself averaging 15-5-3. Wade only needed 12-9-2 from Shaq, that's 3 times less. Only in his second season. He had the same Pistons team that embarrassed Shaq/Kobe 3 peat team, loaded with vets, 4-1 to the championship, on their knees by himself, up3-2. They had no answer for Wade after shutting down Kobe a year ago. Wade had to sit game 6 and he played hurt in game 7, even then only loosing in final seconds.

    Possibly the 2nd best Sg of all time , nothing against kobe I'm a big fan, he gets his due, and Wade gets over looked, career wise kobe is 2nd best SG ever but talent wise Wade has an edge. Also A lot went right for Kobe in his career and a lot went wrong for Wade. Like getting injured in the piston series (or injuries in general) or like 2011 Championship series when Lebron in his prime choked, they were better team by miles, costing Wade another MVP. Only if Lebron could post up, JJ bares, and J Terry and not completely be shut down by S Marion. Then all the injuries. Also, all star voting change costed him all start appearance etc.

  • California Bear

    D Wade is never shown enough love. When healthy, is his prime, one of the top 10 to ever lace up ? . That dunk one Varejao had him in a posture called THE SCORPION ? (reversed) in words of Rob Dyrdek. Could've been the logo for the Ridiculousness (MTV show) lol. Welcome to Ur Kodak Moment Anderson Varejao.

    True fans know sup tho. He's not underrated but rather under appreciated. Coaches, opposing teams, players playing/played with/against him know the nightmare he is to the opposing teams.

  • tezatmezat

    Prime Wade > Prime Kobe

  • Mirian Miro

    Need this songs name or link

  • Basketball Satellite & More

    Prime wade is top 12 all-time with jordan, kobe, shaq, hakeem, kareem, bill russell, wilt, magic, isaih, bird, malone, lebron… Last year, Westbrook had the 2nd greatest numbers and statistical season of all-time after Oscar Robertson. BUT prime Wade is WAY BETTER than Westbrook cuz basketball is greater than numbers and stats

  • Ovais A

    Dwane Wade once read a book called 'The Art of Flop' the rest is history.

  • chris freitag



    — HOLY MACRO —

  • matt woo

    Greatest player in the history of the NBA who didnt get an MVP

  • Ryan Lajara

    D-wade is not as explosive as russell westbrook. but his moves and rhythm is as smooth as silk! one of the legends of basketball.

  • GOATjira5

    D Wade or J West? reply your answer (mine is Wade)

  • TORKY 305


  • Gene Lapsley

    Kobe Bryant and Dwayne wade my favorite nba player

  • John wall best PG Ever

    My top 3 favourite player

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