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Chris Broussard reacts to Jarrett Jack’s tweet about KD and AD joining LeBron | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Chris Broussard reacts to Jarrett Jack’s tweet about KD and AD joining LeBron | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  • J. Roberts

    The NBA ain’t had balance in 10 years. Nobody other than LeBron came out the East. KD to GSW was the best thing to happen to the bc now teams are becoming competitive. I would like it if KD & AD joined together in the East. Let LeBron, GSW, & Houston have the West & duke it out. Meet them in the finals for a 4th ring… Frfr… Js…

  • Akeem Bell

    Occulous ads killing me B ?

  • Kirk Jackson

    Anyone thinking Bron is best player in the world currently, let alone all-time are idiots or brainwashed by the agenda driven media.

  • Foxtrot21xbl

    Kd joining the lakers isnt the same as him joining the q 73-9 team that already won a championship

  • R. Flash

    Why are they even talking about this have they ever heard of Cap space haha. Not any of these 3 especially Lebron would be willing to take a pay cut to win?

  • Terry Lewis

    Put everyone on Lakers get everyone….

  • Mikey J

    No more superstars on LA, Lebron has already had enough super teams. Lebron needs to get his first legitimate win in the nba instead of these “durant” fake wins.

  • D Heisenberg

    LBJ, KD and AD = easy 3 peat! u can book it!

  • Marc NY

    Then golden state would go get the greek freak and khawi lol

  • CJBenjamin3000

    If Kevin Durant and/or Anthony Davis joins LeBron, I'm done with the NBA.

  • Johnny Andrews

    But if AD go to LA, he’s gone end up on the Great Wall of lakers along with Kobe, magic and all the other greats

  • Johnny Andrews

    AD needs to dip. He gone end up like Barkley and all the other greats if he waits to long

  • Ryan Welch

    Remember that one time KD made a three in front of Lebron….. how many times has skip said that

  • Johnny Andrews

    The nfl is different than the nba. Lebron can play till he’s 38-40. He won’t b the 1st one.

  • 5:445:45
    Lol…dismissed her with the quickness. None of these female moderators are a good fit.

  • Doc Ellis

    When Durant went to G. S. everybody said just hand G. S. the trophy. They got 2 as a matter of fact. The Celtics have the Warriors equivalent in the West. So are the Celtics going 2 beat the Warriots, or is it automatic that the Warriors will win it all again bcauz they have Durant? This is fair and reasonable question. If Durant signs w/ the Lakers, is it any different than what has happened while at G. State?

  • All these dudes switching teams every few years..Smh
    Sports is so garbage now..

  • vel hadin

    But it was fair w kd and kurry n klay? Lol cp3 wasnt even allowed to join Kobe w Dwight Howard . Lebron in Miami was fair ?

  • Paa Hawkins

    KD joining the Lakers was good for the league? Completely ignorant and idiotic statement to make. The media is so controlled. They are told to make these kind of suggestive statements.

  • Stephen B. Smith

    Oh please Jarrett Jack. We all know Richard Jefferson is the only man who knows where KD is going.

  • Ty Andrews

    I don’t think that if KD decides to leave it’ll be the end of the warriors run. If he does leave that will give them the money to resign Green, Thompson, maybe Cousins or maybe sign a wing like Kawhi.

  • Altrim J90

    AD no KD in lakers nation

  • Syk Widdit

    The teleprompter in the background has me confused. Why would they ask chris about the cowboys? Wtf?


  • I like the Lakers so I hope so. I said before that KD and AD would be Lakers. Didn't know LBJ would be there too though

  • Andrew Mendoza

    No fool, only analysts who haven’t played against any of them say Lebron is top 3. Real NBA players and legends know Lebron is not top 3 and I’m a laker fan!!

  • Nicks Kicks

    AD not KD

  • Anthony Thomas

    When Lebron leaves a team, they fall hard. When KD left his team, they got sixth seed in he western conference and one of their players won MVP of the season.

  • Eduardo Berrios

    it seems that Lebron K. Durant can't live w/o each others cause they be using other players and teams to get there ego's in place and then move out when is convenient .down the line they both are going to fall hard and how . Today's NBA is not even worst to watch no real competition .miss the good old games real rivals .Today I call my cable service and cancel NBA TV to expensive not worth it .

  • Kiroppi

    Can anyone tell me the name of the girl? Is she Charissa?

  • ROBBIE SilentHiLL


  • Taloot B

    Warriors would still be challenging just because they have curry. The man whom smacked all four of them in the playoffs over an over again.

  • This is wishful thinking now everybody know in there right mind that the salary cap couldn't even put these guys together along with the current roster, an besides peoples grill KD for teaming up with GS now it's ok to make super team in L.A. bunch of BS.

  • wildreams

    Whatafuck is that face at 10:35 meme this.?

  • Eric Chuang

    Plot twist , kawhi leaves raptors. Kd joins raptors, his fav team

  • William Gazca

    LBJ + AD + KD = GG


    The Falcons blew a 25 point lead tho


    I don't see not one billboard from the Lakers or any team yet I seen quite a few trying to recruit LeBron.

  • whatudoin1

    Ainge better prepare a package with Rozier,j. Brown,Baynes and Hayward right now

  • Jayden Woods

    Bring bafck jennie taft , this moderator is trash…

  • Isaiah Jones

    Shannon is tripping on this one, both players (Bron,KD,) will be in their 30's and AD will be a solid veteran All ?. Keep Lonzo Hart KCP, trade Kuzma and Ingram it would be perfect. Especially if Cousins stays on GSW. They could sign anybody in free Agency

  • take1er

    Listen man, KD is a dope player and I think he is at legend status, but dont think hes the best in the NBA. Lebron has had decent teammates but nothing like GS man. KD couldn't bring a championship to OKC and bron has done it for Miami twice! And came back to Cleveland and finally brought that chip to the city. If KD would go back to OKC and win a championship then I would fully salute him and say hes really, really close to being the ey best. To me honestly you lose credit for winning when you have a stacked team. That's just me

  • jose Rodriguez

    kd got over it till it got shoved in his face by dreymond lol kd is the softest killer I've ever known of.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Man I hate Chris Broussard ??‍♂️. How will telling KD that he’s not competing with Lebron anymore because he’ll never be better than him gonna persuade KD to the lakers??? I don’t get you Chris Broussard Stans

  • Pugger

    Imagine KD or AD with Lebron. I will believe it when it happens. I need to see it to believe it.

  • Joshua Bullins

    I’m a lakers fan and this would be terrible for the nba TERRIBLE

  • Cole Lutz

    9:36 that why I love Skip, he’s trolling at this point.

  • If this was to happen it would be a wrap

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will Kevin Durant join the Lakers next season?

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