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Can Wolves save Jimmy Butler relationship? Should DeMar DeRozan seek revenge? | The Jump | ESPN
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Can Wolves save Jimmy Butler relationship? Should DeMar DeRozan seek revenge? | The Jump | ESPN


  • Menzi Rabotho

    Still waiting for day the Spurs don't make the playoffs. It's going to be weird.

  • Mabik Ham

    Trade butler for McCollum

  • Jan Kaufmann

    Butler is a locker room problem! No two places players don't want him!! Keep lying for him espn!

  • Nikola Medakovic

    lol Stack throwing shade at Tony

  • Snoopyis White

    Here little Floyd,

    Its ok little doggie, Im really not that scary.

    Or am I!


    I told people this wasn't going to work. People swore Minnesota was going to be a threat last year.

  • Wylie Garcia

    Yet another conversation about the Spurs where Dejounte Murray is not mentioned.

  • Davivd2

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. It's even better when it's served as cold as Derozen's jump shot VS a Lebron James team in the playoffs.

  • Scott Dean

    Yay sports! Slam dunk a punt with the hole in ones loaded off sides!

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. I walk this Earth alone. I'm constantly surrounded by humans, but never connected with them. Aside from trivial shit, I'm unable to connect with these creatures. The fire burns my soul, to increase my rage and strength. Nothing can ever ever stop a real fire or the rage that burns within. Pain calms my mind. As my blood drips on the ground, I stare at my on dead body on the ground.


  • Rob Gibson

    Blacks get paided more then whites now #whitegenocide

  • i fucked rondo #9's mom

    Tibs over coached butler

  • Jimmy Nusome

    They can't fix this Jimmy should have stayed in Chicago I hate this for the wolves because they gambled and lost really bad I don't want Andrew Wiggins there either but it's 29 GM's not dumb enough to pay him 146 million dollars great job Glen n thibs

  • First Last

    "They not gone miss Tony" 😂 😂 😂

  • Jay The Soulist

    Blah blah blah the nba historically has always slept on derozan due to the fact that they have always shown disrespect to the raptors because they are the only non American team even though a Canadian created the sport

  • Mr CT

    SJ is a fake bully

  • Independent Jack

    Get rid of both Thibs and Butler. There’s a lot of incentive to trade Buttler away from the Timberwolves’ perspective, but it’s worth asking if other teams are willing to take the risk. This is the second team where Butler has fought with teammates, and even though he’s good for a 22-5-4 average—one of nine players to do that last season—that sort of baggage shouldn’t be ignored. Minnesota needs to figure things out now because this will only get worse before it gets better.

  • David At Olive

    Demar will and should seek revenge this will define him and his story; give or take, up or down, fo yourself or da team

  • SupermanFan

    Derozan showed us just how "competitive" he is when he was in Toronto… choke artist extraordinaire!

  • Radio Ruddy

    Is the camera crooked or am I just losing it

  • Melo #5

    Espn should send Stephen Jackson to the Wolves media day lmao

  • Butler fuckes KAT's gf, this relatinship is DEAD. KAT got cucked, it's over.

  • Ray Perez

    Three team Trade wiggins to Raptors , Lowry and pick to Spurs, Lonnie Walker /Dejonte Murray to Twolves. Everyone happy. Especially DeRozan in San Antonio. Butler can Stay with Thibs and get two up n coming studs, and Wiggins gets to go Canada alongside Kawhi Leonard. Boom Y.W

  • Alamin Abadin

    Defrozen getting locked up by Kawhi he’s getting 5 points for his revenge game

  • Howard Davis

    They not gone miss Tony but they gone miss Ginobili?🤣😂🤣😂tf

  • tykszeto

    Sometimes I feel like these things are taken way out of proportions… He could have been talking about feeding Ibaka some messed up stuff since Ibaka got him to eat worms

  • Sparkling

    Not sure if Demar can drop 50 against Kawhi…

  • Wellington Fonseca

    DeRozan probably knows something about Butler's trade…. and quite sure it's something related do Raptpors losing Kawhi next summer

  • YeahThatsRight

    Who else would rather have Fred Hoiberg as a Coach for Dunn, Lavine, Wiggins, Markaanen, Towns in Minnesota? Thibs should take his Chicago players whitout "wheels" and start an "iron man" team instead….those practices will never get his teams in deep playoff runs, they are too tired when they get there!!

  • Eric Bilodeau

    Rachel is gorgeous. Cutest Anchor there is

  • john b

    Come on Butler you are welcome in Toronto.Let's win a NBA championship.

  • The Hungry Goat

    Jimmy needs to stop stabbing KATs girlfriend in the back

  • HiRock Beats

    its okay DeMar…Im sure Kawhi will be up and ready to face the Spurs also

  • caffiene macaroni

    It didnt work in chicago, why try it again, jimmy doesnt want to be with those guys

  • NattaNerNutta

    I'm glad Glen Taylor is stepping in and making things happen. Thibs is too close to the situation and not willing/can't see that he is destroying the culture Flip worked so hard to build, before his passing. I think it's best for the Wolves to cut ties with Thibs and put Butler on the block to the best available offer.

  • Carlton Fripp

    Dropping 50 on Kawhi? Probably the first time Kawhi has ever laughed.

  • Arthur Sutton

    I love when Rachel says Ginobili Berkeley voice sounds so Cute

  • Aussie Ozzy Smooth Chill Baller Rasta Hip Hop Verbz


  • nicole wins

    Why is the mic in his mouth like that?

  • Rj Montoya

    Spurs making it in 😎

  • JHorse508

    Ball like Ginobli

  • Andrew Corvera

    Who cares with these two? It still doesn't change the fact that they can't beat Lebron 1on1

  • M3run

    I hope he doesn't pull an isiah thomas

  • scrollsung

    kawhi finna clamp down demar; he's goona get served cold

  • Leo地獄の番人

    watch Kawhi lock DeRozan down

  • Frank Winds

    San Antonio is not Toronto, Popovich will not let Demar do all that shootings, he will be forced to move and pass the ball. DeMar is about to find out the hard way.

  • falaflani

    Keep that energy

  • Terry O

    He hit KAT GF😂 I don't think that's situation going to be repaired 😂.
    Didn't Jimmy try to holla at Gabrielle Union🤔🤔And D Wade got mad😂😂

  • Te'von MN

    DeMar DeFrozen is gonna be 1 for 50 when he faces the Raptors…

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