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Brandon Jennings’s Top 10 Career Plays
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Brandon Jennings’s Top 10 Career Plays

Check out the top 10 career plays from the newest aquisition of the Detroit Pistons, Brandon Jennings.

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  • Keiichi K

    He was thought was gonna be the next AI

  • chuchuchuchia

    Second most Somali looking player after Lou Will

  • Michael Jones

    PERFECT pass by dunlvy

  • TheSkinsfan1996

    Where my wiz fans at ?! Stand upppp

  • Tyson Rees

    Dude had no intention of passing on those 2 on 1's lol

  • Callum Brown

    Micro G Bloodline shoes brought me here great player can't wait to ball out now!

  • Ernest Chaunsy Bergavera

    jennings like steve francis move .guys hola lol

  • philippe charles

    Will have to be changed after Knicks run

  • yo truth

    knicks going to ecf told y'all first

  • Stefan Lutchman

    1:23 STUUPPPIDDD!!

  • Bernard Ewing

    Hopefully you can resurrect your career in NY. Let's Go Knicks!!!

  • Promo Channel


  • kniggerbockers

  • TheDudeSmashTrash

    a bit early to do a career highlight vid, isn't it?

  • Noah DeJesus


  • Black Petunia

    could have been great if he gave a fuck

  • bstamell23

    I'm a Pistons fan, and I have one question for everybody. WHY DIDN'T WE GET THIS JENNINGS? All we got is some loser who averages 12 ppg, and does not freaking PASS!!!

  • Ejik Lumbres

    He's gonna be a top 10 point guard this season. 
    Don't believe me just WATCH

  • d beltran

    LOL 1:40 the announcer tells him to give it up

  • Jackquez

    What about his ankle breaker on Steph Curry???

  • Jay Bereal

    Mah he rocked Stephen curry that should have been up there.

  • Keisha Powell

    Jennings haves trick

  • Lil Penny AKA Future of Combo Guards

    Underrated only 24

  • Unfuckwitable

    His career is still young tf NBA??

  • Hamzah Hussain

    We all knew what number 1 was gonna be.

  • Paul Carter

    1:38 Why the fuck would he give it up to Luke Ridnour. Keep your stupid thoughts to yourself announcer. 

  • reifsneider

    I swear brandon jennings is a pirate in captain phillips

  • Marcus Williams

    Livest NBA streetballer

  • Boss Moss

    O underrated player. He's by far one the best versatile point guards.

  • Dylan Pasco

    What, is Brandon Jennings dead?

  • Jonathan Votefan

    0:38 number 44 is like…do you want me to sit on the bench, coach?

  • TheShale187

    The jump and roar of the fans after a buzzerbeater: Priceless 😀

  • Shoot Dahh Jayyyyy

    lol nvm, did you notice all the teams dem top 10 plays were against haha

  • Shoot Dahh Jayyyyy

    that niggah nice doe

  • Anish Anand

    really inefficient scorer, his fg% was 39% last year but good acquisition for detroit

  • VESH Music

    number 1 was like Lebron´s number 1

  • jennings is a streetballer, that's it.

  • Christoph Seidl

    What's with the porn music?

  • Justine dela Cruz

    Hope he will do well in detroit.

  • Robert Parnell

    Thank you for telling this clown. Can't wait for them two to get their ring so that all this criticism stops. Coming soon though!

  • Khris Middleton

    I was at the game when he made the #1 shot on the countdown!

  • Khris Middleton

    My favorite player from my favorite team; too bad he's gone

  • teamdeangelo

    He can learn from billups

  • teamdeangelo

    He can learn from bill ups

  • GDobens

    Jennings's? Lol… fail.

  • Ballout30

    As long as he get buckets he ight.

  • Corey Walker

    he can barely use his right lol

  • GilmoreFTW2

    He is but he's not that great of a decision maker when it comes to passing. In his defense tho, the talent around him wasn't as good as it is now in Detroit.

  • GilmoreFTW2

    This nigga has absolutely NO right hand. smh this the NBA, the use of the opposite hand should have been established by at least high school lol

  • jamir nodaro

    He's a. Beast

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